Ultra Flesh (1980)

Director: Svetlana
Starring: Candida Royalle, Kelly Nichols, Lisa De Leeuw, Laurie Smith, Angel Cash, Piper Smith, Seka, Serena, Tawny Pearl, Terri Dolan, Jack Shute, George Mitchell, Jamie Gillis, Jesse Adams, John Leslie, John Seeman, Mike Ranger, Luis De Jesus, Ron Jeremy, Sanyen Sunny, Sergei Novotny, Michael Parker, Tyler Reynolds.
She comes to Earth on a quest of love. In a bleak future world, the earth’s male population has been rendered impotent by space aliens bent onconquering the world. Things begin to look up for the earthlings when an intergalactic council dispatches sultry space vixen UF (Seka) a vixen from another world who leads a space legion of 26 Fleshettes to earth to foil the plan and re energize the world’s male populace. A science fiction sextravaganza sextraordinaire.

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